JTP Update: Joe in Sderot

Via Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, Ace, and everyone else in the media-scrutiny world today. Joe’s reporting, and he’s mad!

The only thing I can add is my voice to the “should Joe really be a journalist?” debate. I’m of two minds, as much of the conservative blogosphere is, about whether or not Joe’s “qualified,” but I tend to come down in agreement with Ace, who basically rationalizes that most professional journalists have their biases and at least Joe is honest about it.

At the same time,  the question remains: do we really get the whole picture from JTP? I think this is a question that relates to the nature of new media as a whole. By now, Americans who pay attention should know that when they are watching CNN for coverage of this craziness in Gaza, they are getting coverage that, in its tone and its content, favors the Palestinians and Hamas.

So, if we’re going to get that kind of coverage from the supposed authority in cable news, shouldn’t we want to get some of the information from the other side(s) of the story? Folks who like and relate to JTP are also folks who are sick of hearing that the newsmen and women of record are allowing false videos to pass as “real news.”

Still, I could do without JTP’s grandstanding on the media. Just do your job, Joe, and do it well. I’ve got confidence.

Check out Joe’s first PJTV interview from the Middle East here.

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One Response to “JTP Update: Joe in Sderot”

  1. Tom Paine
    January 13, 2009 at 3:00 pm #

    Joe went on a rant about his feelings that journalists should be banned from war zones because they compromise troop locations. All this while reporting from a war zone.

    He apparently doesn’t have a problem with relentless media whores being in a war zone, though.

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