Strike, strike baby

So yesterday, most of the Irish civil service, including professors at this university, went on a one-day strike in protest of their expected pay cut. I wrote about this on the Corner at NRO:

The strike includes, as I found out in class yesterday, university faculty at all of Ireland’s public universities. Here at the National University of Ireland in Galway, practically all of our November 24 classes are cancelled. There are even rumors that the library will be closed, which practically renders that day useless for working on final papers. The faculty is well organized, but their union did not make this decision unanimously. One of my lecturers, a union member who hinted in class that she might be against the strike, said that a good one-third of the union voted against the strike.

What it amounted to for me was that all my classes yesterday were cancelled. On the last week of class before finals. The business of this time is reflected by my lack of posts on this blog, I think. Having no class yesterday did not help this!

But anyway, we are back in school again today, with today being my official last day of class (no class on Thursday or Friday). That’s a good thing, since I’ll be leaving for Belfast tomorrow with my study abroad group. I’ll have more about that, my Irish Thanksgiving, and my trip last weekend to London when I get the time. I promise to have all these topics covered soon. Thanks for reading.

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