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Back to Base-ics: Looking Forward By Looking Back

Barack is back. The president turned the clock back to 2008 during his State of the Union address Tuesday night, returning to an era of hope, change, sizzling delivery, and above all, progressive ideology. While he didn’t ignore current issues – directly addressing ISIL, cybersecurity, free trade, Russian aggression, and infrastructure and alluding to the [...]

The Harm Done By Participation Trophies

In recent weeks, two occasions of sports teams “running up the score” have brought the debate around sportsmanship into national sports headlines.  The first occurred in the National Championship Game of the first College Football Playoff. Ohio State, already leading Oregon 35-20, scored a touchdown with 28 seconds left in the game, to give the [...]

Don’t Let Political Correctness Ruin Your Merry Christmas

Don’t Let Political Correctness Ruin Your Merry Christmas

Political correctness continues to infringe on many time-honored traditions.  From many areas of the Vanderbilt administration trying to call freshmen “first-year students” to the controversy surrounding the name of the Washington Redskins, all of it is pretty ridiculous, as they are just words.  One area in which political correctness really is going too far is [...]

The Shot Heard Round The World

Officer Darren Wilson fired the shot heard around the world in Ferguson, Missouri this August.  Well, actually it was more than six shots, according to most sources.  And they all ended up in the body of Michael Brown, Jr.  Following one hundred days of madness, a grand jury in Ferguson chose not to indict Officer [...]

My Fellow Radicals

My Fellow Radicals

Recently, the United States launched a military campaign to combat ISIS, the rapidly growing militant Islamic threat coming from Iraq and Syria. America was unsure how to react to the news of renewed American involvement in the Middle East, as Republicans and Democrats alike begged their parties for answers on the most effective and feasible approach to threats of [...]

2014 Midterm Elections: A Huge Victory for the Right to Life

2014 Midterm Elections: A Huge Victory for the Right to Life

Last month, I wrote about the importance of Tennessee’s Amendment One, which strived to neutralize the state Constitution on abortion by overturning a 200 Tennessee Supreme Court ruling in Planned Parenthood v. Sunquist. On Election Day, voters approved the ballot measure, which garnered about 53% of the vote. Contrary to what its opponents claimed, now that Amendment One has [...]

An Incomer’s Guide to Vandy Lingo

Branscomb – Upperclass dorms on Greek row; consists of Lupton, Vaughn, Stapleton, and Scales. Vanderbilt’s party dorm. Highland – Upperclass housing by the Rec center; consists of Morgan, Lewis, Mayfields, and Chaffins. On the Card – Restaurants and services (both on and off campus) that take Meal Money. Unfortunately does not include Lacoste. The Wall [...]

Don’t Leave the Rodeo Just Yet: The (Non) Issue of Texas Secession

In the few months since the November 2012 presidential election, the state of Texas has been ablaze with that ages-old and quintessentially Texan question—to secede, or not to secede?  Deeply frustrated by the re-election of President Obama, many conservative and Republican Texans have been throwing around the idea more and more seriously, citing the supposed [...]