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Unspoken College Dress Codes

Strangely relevant (to my line of thinking this evening, that is) article on how unspoken dress codes develop on college campuses, looking in particular at Maryland, UVA, Richmond, and W&L. Clearly, the school Vandy draws the closest connections to is W&L, but I maintain that W&L is Vanderbilt on Pleasantville Crack, and not as good. [...]

Mike crosses over

Here’s my opinion piece in the Hustler about Hillary’s question planting.  That’s right, I’ve written for the daily (or semi-daily), but don’t worry, I’m still committed to independent student media. The opinion page for the Hustler really needed some touching up from the Torch.

Packin' Away in Pakistan

So, Bhutto has been put under house arrest. My question: isn’t the whole point of house arrest negated a tad when everybody knows she’s been put under house arrest? Like, a hundred years ago, they lock her up in a broom closet, and I have no idea about it until my grandchildren are born. But with the overwhelming presence of mass media, we all know and it’s a horrible PR move for Musharraf. “Lady with snipers outside house for her ‘safety’” looks a lot like ‘safety of the election results.’

The Saucy Crosstalk Begins

In yet another attempt to please the Conservative and Libertarian masses, we’re starting Torch in Brief- our new blog. We basically want to carve out our own little corner of the internets, and this is how we’re going to do it. Check back for frequent updates with commentary, tiny bits of original content, and links. And, though a lot of the updates will be coming from the editors (Mike, Katherine, and Douglas), as we get going look for more and more people to be contributing, this is the blog for the whole Torch staff. And we doing it the right way, damn it. I apologize for the pun.