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For real, who isn't the PM of Pakistan?

Apparently, everybody and their grandmother was Prime Minister of Pakistan and they’ve all decided roll out now (and, yes, the looming threat of econ reading makes Pakistan seem thrilling). Yes, Bhutt O Plenty is not the only desperado in town: Nawaz Sharif (Musharraf’s predecessor) is back. This entire news item is rife with contextually inappropriate [...]

Thanksgiving Roundup

Here at Torch, we believe the giving of thanks is of the utmost importance. We’ve taken this weekend to be reminded of the wondrous gifts with which we have been endowed: blistering intelligence, shining virtue, sparkling wit, a love of liberty, an intimate relationship with cost effectiveness, and such devastatingly good looks that mortals must avert their eyes should they endeavor to gaze upon us.

In the interest of sharing our profound wisdom, here are a few things we’re thankful for:

The Naked Truth about Hillary Fundraisers

Apparently, Hillary has problems with giant photographs of nude men in the living rooms of homes of Democratic fundraisers while she is there campaigning and raising money. I feel like I must be the first person to look at the situation and say "what the hell is THAT all about?". Basically, Tony Podesta, brother of [...]

Boras: Plz Let Parity Be Over. Kthx.

Scott Boras, for those who are unfamiliar, has orchestrated the biggest baseball deals of the past decade for the biggest players and prospects, ranging from A-Rod’s $256 million deal with Texas to deals for clients like J.D. “$14 million Grand Slam” Drew, Carlos Beltran, and Mark Texeira. Teams fear draftees who are represented by Boras, [...]

Unspoken College Dress Codes

Strangely relevant (to my line of thinking this evening, that is) article on how unspoken dress codes develop on college campuses, looking in particular at Maryland, UVA, Richmond, and W&L. Clearly, the school Vandy draws the closest connections to is W&L, but I maintain that W&L is Vanderbilt on Pleasantville Crack, and not as good. [...]

Mike crosses over

Here’s my opinion piece in the Hustler about Hillary’s question planting.  That’s right, I’ve written for the daily (or semi-daily), but don’t worry, I’m still committed to independent student media. The opinion page for the Hustler really needed some touching up from the Torch.

Packin' Away in Pakistan

So, Bhutto has been put under house arrest. My question: isn’t the whole point of house arrest negated a tad when everybody knows she’s been put under house arrest? Like, a hundred years ago, they lock her up in a broom closet, and I have no idea about it until my grandchildren are born. But with the overwhelming presence of mass media, we all know and it’s a horrible PR move for Musharraf. “Lady with snipers outside house for her ‘safety’” looks a lot like ‘safety of the election results.’