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Apologia for America: Mitt Romney Reveals His Vision for the Country in No Apology

Election season is well underway.  So far, both campaigns have been marked by little more than sneering at the other side.  The Obama campaign demands that Romney publicly report all his tax returns, while conservatives sarcastically retort that perhaps Obama might want to show the public his college transcripts.  In the age of Twitter, Facebook, […]

Why Dogma Is Good and Democracy (Maybe) Isn’t: A Review of The Tyranny of Cliches by Jonah Goldberg

“Unity.” “Democracy.” “Diversity.” “Understanding.” All of these words are nearly universally lauded by the Western population.  It is values like these, the average citizen thinks, that have helped our nations lift themselves out of the muck of social malfeasance and political infancy the human race got stuck in for so long. On the contrary, rigid […]

Interested in joining the Torch’s staff?

We hope you are as excited as we are for the upcoming school year! The Vanderbilt Torch is Vanderbilt University’s only source for conservative and libertarian commentary. In addition to maintaining this website and our blog, the Torch  publishes eight print issues on Vanderbilt’s campus each year. If you are a Vanderbilt student interested in […]

Cast your vote . . . maybe

A review of Jason Brennan’s The Ethics of Voting It’s election year. That means the news is abuzz with statistics, primaries, caucuses, candidates, political gaffs, and every other sundry item related to the public disaster that is American political life. Tying nearly all of these issues together is an action that occurs every two years. […]

Who is John Galt?

“Who is John Galt?” asks the new movie Atlas Shrugged Part 1, directed by Paul Johansson and produced by Harmon Kaslow and John Aglialoro. This movie adaptation is the first in a film trilogy of Ayn Rand’s novel, Atlas Shrugged. Set to be released on April 15, the movie will be shown locally at the […]