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Torch in Brief: Early April 2011

The She-Hadi Al Quaeda has launched a women’s magazine comparable to the popular American magazines Elle or Cosmopolitan. Al-Shamikha, loosely translated “The Majestic Woman,” is published by Al-Fajr, a jihadist media outlet, and is geared toward a female jihadi audience. The 31-page magazine includes tips such as “not [to] go out except when necessary” and […]

Sometimes, I miss my spoon-fed education…

Though some Vandy undergrads insist “academics come first,” for many students, scholarly learning often takes a backseat to Vanderbilt’s on-campus social scene and an obsessive commitment to extracurricular involvement and service organizations. The Vanderbilt stereotype assumes that attention is paid to the social scene in order to blow off steam and to the extracurriculars and […]

The great Ponzi economy

Taking a look at the last decade, anyone can tell that it was an economicdecade from hell. We faced bigger government, bank collapses, and a great depression. Why are things bad? and why does it seem like things are getting worse? Clearly, the root cause of the problem is not being addressed. In order to […]