Mid Terms: Could Be Worse

Reactions following the midterm elections varied depending on which media outlet you trusted to provide fair and balanced news. Those watching Fox News would have thought it was time to use that concealed weapon to end it all; Sodom and Gomorrah were rising from the ashes. Those who read the New York Times would have […]

Don’t Rush to Judgment

Radio is an unlikely springboard to widespread political influence in modern America. As our favorite source of banter, fast-spoken traffic and weather reports, and advice for our love lives, radio is not often a shaper of the political landscape. Most of the political activity in our country takes place on television, in writing, or in […]

Know When to Fold ‘Em

At the close of the last congressional session before midterm elections a bill was passed that made America a much safer place. Thanks to this heroic bill, our ports are now safer and Americans are protected from the threat of being able to choose whether or not to gamble online.  Don’t think those things belong […]

Stem cells

Defining human life has never been so complicated.  Even those of us who staunchly define ourselves as “pro-life” are finding it increasingly difficult to pin-point exactly what that means.  Apart from issues of abortion or euthanasia, one of the greatest “life” debates centers on embryonic stem-cell research.  A few years ago, it was relatively easy […]

AlcoholEdu Wasted

For the class of 2010, the first test of our fall semester was not, in any way, related to the classes we’re taking now. No, it was a challenge of endurance and skill, a true test of character: how well could you entertain yourself for three hours while AlcoholEdu ran, unnoticed and unhindered, on your […]

Social Security: Greenspan’s Plan for Recovery

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan recently drew criticism (notably from Democrats) with his comments on Social Security. When presenting his ideas on how to contain the U.S. budget deficit, Greenspan agreed with President Bush that increasing taxes is not the best way to do so. The controversy arose, however, when Greenspan proposed that the government […]