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VYP of the Day: Epic 1976 Fashion Show

So this is the Providence long promised, the soaring aria of awesome, the tequila sunrise of antiquity: The 1976 yearbook spread where student organizations produced members who fit their idea of “beauty.” (It was 1976). Tragically, they didn’t include the student organization, but it really isn’t T.S. Eliot at work here. Crack open a cold […]

Oh hey, Virginia. Welcome back, sweetheart.

The three-piece Republican domination Tuesday was expected, of course, but not like this. McDonnell, Cuccinelli and Bolling exploded, and so here we are, no Allen fiascos, no Gilmore ineptitudes, no Warners, no Webb jackassery, nothing but: A Conservative Virginia. Not since 1997 has Virginia had all three positions filled by Republicans that really are conservatives. […]