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Democrats and Donkey Votes

In the immediate aftermath of the 2014 midterm elections, President Obama controversially commented that his party’s overwhelming loss was due to “two thirds” of voters not turning out at the polls. National turnout, at 37% eligible voter participation, was the lowest it had been in any federal general election since 1942. The United States routinely […]

Back to Base-ics: Looking Forward By Looking Back

Barack is back. The president turned the clock back to 2008 during his State of the Union address Tuesday night, returning to an era of hope, change, sizzling delivery, and above all, progressive ideology. While he didn’t ignore current issues – directly addressing ISIL, cybersecurity, free trade, Russian aggression, and infrastructure and alluding to the […]

Two years of Democrats were plenty

After this year’s historic midterm elections, the Democrats have lost their virtually-unchecked power in Washington. While this comes as a relief for many Americans, do the Democrats really deserve to lose the gavels after just two years of power? Disclaimer #1: Now, I know my friends on the left would be quick to counter-argue that […]

Swiss Family Congress: H.R. 3221 wants to radically change student lending and school building

Just in case anyone sensed an ebb in the tide of government intrusion into private markets, the House of Representatives recently voted to keep Americans under water.  Amid the hysteria surrounding health care reform, the passage of H.R. 3221, an education bill marked by a government takeover of the student lending industry, went largely unnoticed.

Leave the Children Alone: How liberal indoctrination affects America’s next generation of voters

When Barack Obama was elected president, many (rightly) wondered how. His extreme lack of experience, his undeniably questionable associations, and his principle-devoid rhetoric would seem like more than enough to turn public sentiment the other way. The election was certainly not a landslide, yet election night wasn’t exactly a thriller either.

If Only Money Could Grow on Trees

Well, it looks like we need more Change, and not for the better. President Obama made some progress in his quest to save the world by having his climate change bill (also called the POS bill) pass the House of Representatives. Did the Democrats forget that we’re in a recession? This isn’t exactly the best […]