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WTF Mate? A.J. declares for NBA Draft

So, an era ends. A.J.’s off to the NBA Europe. In economics classes, you spend a lot of pointless hours of your life talking about and trying to draw potential Pareto improvements, like some Old Testament prophet where you squint as some angles and Edgeworth boxes and then announce with vigor, “…everybody’s better off?” Well, […]

Post-game: Vanderbilt vs. Kentucky

Like they knew I was getting ready to blog about them, I have seen three basketball players in the past half hour. Anyway, David Rutz wrote a column for media relations, and I think we should discuss: A quick look at Vanderbilt’s offensive stats indicates the Commodores should have been blown out of the building. […]


Volunteer fans know the road to hell starts in the University of Tennessee Athletic Department. Over the last several months, their once proud football program has seen three coaches, three arrests for armed robbery, and continuing struggles on the field. On the hardwood, Tennessee’s men’s basketball team recently suffered four arrests and suspensions of their […]

I link, therefore I am

Philosophy of the Internet age? Hope you were all sufficiently April fooled yesterday. Now we have to get back to the other boring 364 days of the year, when mean, cold-hearted pranks aren’t acceptable. Still, aren’t you a little worried one of my links might be a Rick Roll? Nashville liberal blogger Ilissa Gold sounds […]

Start your morning right, with Links™!

Another day, another dollar. That phrase takes on an entirely different meaning when you are an unemployed college student.  David Rutz at InsideVandy.com has the story on Vanderbilt women’s basketball defeating No. 5 Kansas State yesterday. Over at the Weekly Standard, Stephen F. Hayes can’t get access to a government report on released Gitmo prisoners […]