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Welcome to the Jungle: A Manual to Navigating the College Political Environment

To everybody in the incoming freshman class—welcome to Vanderbilt! You’ve made it, you’ve done it—you’ve taken all the tests, you’ve done your time in sweat and effort, and now you’re about to embark on what will in some ways be the biggest adventure of your young adult lives. There will be trials and tribulations; you […]

Vanderbilt’s Lose-Lose Situation with Chick-fil-A, And a Way Out

When Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy publicly proclaimed his and his family’s opposition to the legalization of same-sex marriage, it ignited a firestorm nationwide. His announcement, which technically only espoused his personal views, was taken as extending to his family-run business, sparking protests, boycotts, and even politicians from major cities threatening to use zoning laws to […]

Strike, strike baby

So yesterday, most of the Irish civil service, including professors at this university, went on a one-day strike in protest of their expected pay cut. I wrote about this on the Corner at NRO: The strike includes, as I found out in class yesterday, university faculty at all of Ireland’s public universities. Here at the […]

NUI, Galway goes old school

As I’ve been settling into my classes, I’ve started to notice something very peculiar about some of my classmates. Many of them are a year or two younger than me, since I’m a senior and the history program here is a three-year program. But there was something about a smaller number of students that struck […]