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Democrats and Donkey Votes

In the immediate aftermath of the 2014 midterm elections, President Obama controversially commented that his party’s overwhelming loss was due to “two thirds” of voters not turning out at the polls. National turnout, at 37% eligible voter participation, was the lowest it had been in any federal general election since 1942. The United States routinely […]

Two years of Democrats were plenty

After this year’s historic midterm elections, the Democrats have lost their virtually-unchecked power in Washington. While this comes as a relief for many Americans, do the Democrats really deserve to lose the gavels after just two years of power? Disclaimer #1: Now, I know my friends on the left would be quick to counter-argue that […]

If Only Money Could Grow on Trees

Well, it looks like we need more Change, and not for the better. President Obama made some progress in his quest to save the world by having his climate change bill (also called the POS bill) pass the House of Representatives. Did the Democrats forget that we’re in a recession? This isn’t exactly the best […]

Supersizing the Government

According to a recent article from Politico, Obama & Co. want to make significant efforts to improve the health choices of Americans in their plans for ObamaCare. According to the article: Any health care reform plan that Obama signs is almost certain to call for nutrition counseling, obesity screenings and wellness programs at workplaces and […]

Start your morning right, with Links™!

Another day, another dollar. That phrase takes on an entirely different meaning when you are an unemployed college student.  David Rutz at InsideVandy.com has the story on Vanderbilt women’s basketball defeating No. 5 Kansas State yesterday. Over at the Weekly Standard, Stephen F. Hayes can’t get access to a government report on released Gitmo prisoners […]

Kerry on tax cuts via Jim DeMint

I’ll file this under “reasons why I am glad George W. Bush won a second term.” Interestingly, this is from Sen. Jim DeMint’s YouTube channel. Are we seeing a new trend in politicians using social media to directly engage in arguments and conversation with and about their colleagues? I think it’s a great move for […]