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Who is Gary Johnson?

When asked this question on a Reddit.com AMA (“ask me anything”), the Libertarian presidential candidate answered, “Entrepreneur, athlete, former governor of New Mexico. This guy has a resume that would suggest that he is going to doggedly pursue everything he is talking about.” He turned his one-man handyman business into one of the most successful […]

It’s about Romney

In choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt Romney has once again shown the true hand of the Republican Party. Instead of making any effort to increase the overall well-being of this country, they are committed to giving tax cuts to the super-wealthy, while increasing the burden on the middle class. Tax breaks for […]

Paul Ryan: A Bold Decision

Early in August, Mitt Romney selected Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan to be his running mate. Romney made the right choice. Foremost, Rep. Ryan’s area of expertise is the exact area where Obama’s presidency has failed significantly: the economy.  It’s time to face the facts; Obama promised jobs, a revised and functioning healthcare system, and that […]

Can a Republican Win in Massachusetts?

Are New England conservatives in the middle of some strange dream—one that could abruptly end—or will a miraculous feat be accomplished, a Republican senatorial victory in the bluest of the blue states, Massachusetts? In November, Republican U.S. Senator Scott Brown (pictured below left) from Massachusetts faces re-election against Elizabeth Warren (pictured below right). Brown previously […]

T-PAW: The choice for our generation

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty recently visited Vanderbilt University for our annual IMPACT Symposium. His visit happened to occur just one day after he became the first major candidate to announce an exploratory committee for president. Sitting across from Christina Romer, the former Chair of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, Gov. Pawlenty exemplified that […]