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Who is Gary Johnson?

When asked this question on a Reddit.com AMA (“ask me anything”), the Libertarian presidential candidate answered, “Entrepreneur, athlete, former governor of New Mexico. This guy has a resume that would suggest that he is going to doggedly pursue everything he is talking about.” He turned his one-man handyman business into one of the most successful […]

What’s a Libertarian to Do?

Election Day is approaching soon and the question of “Who should I vote for?” is on every voter’s mind. Most voters will think they have two options, either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney (pictured below left). However, many libertarians will likely consider several other options as well. One of these options is writing-in for Ron […]

Ford faces identity crisis in NY race

Former congressman Harold Ford Jr. of Tennessee has always had an issue with his conflicting image. During Ford’s unsuccessful run for the Senate in 2006, Time magazine ran a story portraying him as a unique democratic candidate whose moderate views could turn a red state blue during the peak of the Bush administration’s unpopularity. Alternatively, […]

Meanwhile, back at the Senate: Breaking down the Senate races

With all of the hype surrounding the 2008 Presidential election, the races in the House and Senate have been all but overlooked in the major media outlets. For Republicans, it looks like Nov. 4, 2008 is going to be a dim day, with Congress going to the Democrats. The Senate races are particularly interesting, because the Republicans have the bad luck of holding 23 seats up for reelection compared with the Democrats’ 12. Of those 23 seats, the Cook Report is listing 7 of them as toss-ups, meaning they could go either direction and an additional 3 seats that are “likely” or “lean” democratic. The Democrats, in contrast, have 0 seats that are toss-ups, “likely Republican,” or “lean Republican.” Where are these seats that the Republicans may lose on Nov. 4? And what does this mean for the Republican party?

Don’t Vote, At All, For Any Reason

Don’t vote. I see you thinking about it. You might even have registered already, but stop right there – do not go to the polls. Do not pull the lever, fill in the blank, or check the box. Think about it – an entire morning spent doing something useful. Working, for example. Talking with your friends. Even playing video games. Whatever happens, do not vote.