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Don’t Leave the Rodeo Just Yet: The (Non) Issue of Texas Secession

In the few months since the November 2012 presidential election, the state of Texas has been ablaze with that ages-old and quintessentially Texan question—to secede, or not to secede?  Deeply frustrated by the re-election of President Obama, many conservative and Republican Texans have been throwing around the idea more and more seriously, citing the supposed […]

T-PAW: The choice for our generation

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty recently visited Vanderbilt University for our annual IMPACT Symposium. His visit happened to occur just one day after he became the first major candidate to announce an exploratory committee for president. Sitting across from Christina Romer, the former Chair of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, Gov. Pawlenty exemplified that […]

Adam Kissel raises concerns about student rights at Vandy

FIRE is a national organization dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of students on college campuses. Recently, they announced an updated initiative: to “provide teaching materials to the nation’s schools, support[s] educational events on America’s campuses and remind[s] the public that the First Amendment serves everyone, regardless of faith, race, gender or political leanings.” A […]