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IMPACT Symposium speakers overview

Tim Pawlenty is a lawyer and Republican politician who served as the 39th Governor of Minnesota. After serving as a city councilman in the late 1980s, Pawlenty was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives in 1993. He became the Majority Leader of the House in 1999 and served in that position until he became […]

“I share that story because . . .”

Night two of IMPACT contained an unforeseen opportunity: the chance to see an almost-certain presidential candidate in action. On Monday, March 21, Tim Pawlenty, former governor of Minnesota, announced the formation of an exploratory committee, positioning himself as the first Republican certainly in the running. And just a day later on Tuesday, March 22, Pawlenty […]

How Madeleine Albright ended up on that episode of Gilmore Girls

Throughout the first evening of Vanderbilt’s IMPACT Symposium, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright spoke to a fair many weighty topics — unilateralism, humanitarian aid, NATO, climate change, genocide — but answered the one frivolous question with equal interest: How did she end upon on Gilmore Girls? Albright immediately admitted she had been a fan […]

Metapost: Liveblogging Madeleine Albright!

First off, IMPACT’s upon us. Tonight I’ll be liveblogging Madeleine Albright’s speech on global commerce and just how she found herself on Gilmore Girls. We may even get into why she’s wearing so much, as Nina Garcia once termed it, matchy-matchy jewelry up there. As previously mentioned, we’ll be recording the event, and hopefully posting […]