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London calling…and blogger answering

I’m a little late posting these pictures, but better late than never, right? My friend Todd and I took a quick weekend jaunt across the Irish Sea to the United Kingdom and London. The story about getting there and back is one all by itself. Most Americans probably didn’t hear, but last week Ireland had […]

Strike, strike baby

So yesterday, most of the Irish civil service, including professors at this university, went on a one-day strike in protest of their expected pay cut. I wrote about this on the Corner at NRO: The strike includes, as I found out in class yesterday, university faculty at all of Ireland’s public universities. Here at the […]

Why does Europe hate itself?

What kind of man can become a radical Muslim and jihadist? Apparently, even a middle-class Catholic from Dublin can enlist as a Soldier of Allah. A story in the Sunday Times featured Khalid Kelly, formerly known as Terry and a native of the Liberties district of Dublin. According to reporter Nicola Smith, Kelly grew up […]

Cork, jazz and a bit of blarney

I suppose it’s fitting on this Halloween night in for me to update everyone on my trip last weekend to Cork for the Cork Jazz Festival. IFSA-Butler, our study abroad company, picked us up on Friday morning in a nice big coach. We rode down to Limerick, where we picked up the group of students […]

Blogger returns with pictures

So the last two weeks have been a bit hectic for me. Lots of assignments at school (yes, I do go to class now and then) plus a trip to Paris last weekend are my excuses for my lack of blogging. But fear not, more blogging here on the American Rover will commence. To start, […]

Ireland votes 'yes' second time around

Well, the votes from yesterday’s referendum are in. Ireland has voted for the Lisbon Treaty, leaving only two EU nations (Poland and the Czech Republic) who have yet to ratify this European constitution of sorts. Taoiseach Brian Cowen: “The Irish people have spoken with a clear and resounding voice,” Mr Cowen said in a brief […]

Ireland decides on Lisbon today

Today’s voting day here in the Republic. The rest of Europe will be watching this Lisbon Treaty referendum very closely. Here was my report from last month’s Torch, along with my opinion and a much more thorough take-down of Lisbon here by Paul Belien. Belien makes several terrific points about the EU’s tendency to hassle […]