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An Egyptian quandary: America’s role in Middle Eastern peace

In early February, the acting Egyptian government detained forty-three non-government organization workers, and it is currently prohibiting them from leaving the country.  Nevertheless, U.S. aid continues to flow to Egypt to the bafflement of many Americans. Such a brazen act was carried out because the ruling generals and Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt view leadership in […]

Pro-Israel group gets national recognition

Members of Vanderbilt’s Commodores for Israel organization have been honored as “Activists of the Year” by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, commonly known as AIPAC.  Over the past year, students at Vanderbilt University expanded pro-Israel political activism on campus by building on the excitement of the 2008 presidential campaign, convening high-profile campus forums and […]

Gaza vigil update: Now for Israel too?

So I braved through the cold and walked to Benton Chapel this evening for the Gaza vigil, seemingly renamed “A Moment for Peace: Gaza and Israel.” Funny, that’s not the name that was advertised. Someone in Hillel must have said something. Or perhaps they’re reading Vandy Right! I arrived right at six, though the event […]

Gaza vigil update: Don't You Have Any Concern?

Just got an e-mail from Gay Welch, Assistant Dean of the Divinity School and the director of religious life at Vanderbilt: Here are the co-sponsoring student organizations: 1. Muslim Students Association 2. Interfaith Council 3. Vanderbilt Hillel 4. Middle Eastern Students Association 5. Malaysian Students Association at Vanderbilt 6. Amnesty International As I understand it, […]

JTP Update: Joe in Sderot

Via Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, Ace, and everyone else in the media-scrutiny world today. Joe’s reporting, and he’s mad! The only thing I can add is my voice to the “should Joe really be a journalist?” debate. I’m of two minds, as much of the conservative blogosphere is, about whether or not Joe’s “qualified,” but […]

Hamas sympathizers at Vandy?

That’s the question I’ve got now since I saw this beautiful display this morning: Note in small red letters at the top: “A VIGIL.” I’ve e-mailed a few interested people to find out exactly who is running this, but who wants to bet it’s going to bemoan the continued existence of the state of Israel? […]

JTP off to Tel Aviv

PJTV, Joe Wurzelbacher’s new employee and Middle East correspondant, has the first of JTP’s reports. He’s in New York City, about to hop a plane to the Holy Land and offer some news reporting from “Regular Joes” in and around Gaza. Joe’s no Edward R. Murrow, which I think is the whole point he and […]

Obama going to talk with Hamas?

Red-lined at Drudge, I haven’t much to say (not being an expert) other than its disheartening and not surprising. Remember this? If and when Barack Obama’s administration decides to meet with Hamas, we can start to say goodbye to the necessarily full-on support of Israel. Obama seems to have a naive view of this issue, […]