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I link, therefore I am

Philosophy of the Internet age? Hope you were all sufficiently April fooled yesterday. Now we have to get back to the other boring 364 days of the year, when mean, cold-hearted pranks aren’t acceptable. Still, aren’t you a little worried one of my links might be a Rick Roll? Nashville liberal blogger Ilissa Gold sounds […]

Monday, Monday, links, links

Another week of blogging begins with another week of daily links. Go forth, read, and be educated. InsideVandy.com reports that Senator Bill Frist will be speaking at the University Club Thursday evening. John Rich has had a whirlwind of a year and the result is a great new album, according to Tennessean writer Cindy Watts. […]

Studying stinks, here's Thursday's links

I’ve been up the last several nights studying for the mother of all midterms today. Wish me luck, then check out these links. Then wish me more luck. InsideVandy.com reports on last night’s Vanderbilt Student Government transfer of power. George Leef at NRO’s Phi Beta Cons blog says there’s an imbalance between research and teaching […]

Vanderbilt’s online music ruckus

On Friday, February 6, Vanderbilt students attempting to log onto their Ruckus accounts were met with the death message: “Unfortunately the Ruckus Service Will No Longer Be Provided. Thanks.” The closing occurred so fast that many universities were not even notified. As this publication was going to press, Vanderbilt ITS and the Vanderbilt Hustler have yet to even comment on the shutdown.

45 years since the 'Really Big Shew"

Mark Goldblatt at National Review reminds me that the Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan for the first time 45 years ago today. He provides a baby boomer’s perspective, hitting on all the great points about the Fab Four: the importance of the ensemble, their revolutionary effect on popular music and popular culture, and the ultimate […]

will.i.am to America: 'We woke up'

Via Breitbart and Big Hollywood, we present you with will.i.am’s newest vidja celebrating The One’s Coronation. Embedded video from <a href=”http://www.cnn.com/video” mce_href=”http://www.cnn.com/video”>CNN Video</a> That guy from the Black Eyed Peas who may be entirely to blame for allowing “Yes We Can” to become a permanent staple of the political lexicon is at it again. With […]