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Nashville Unoccupied

Yesterday, I ventured downtown to the Occupy Nashville protest in Legislative Plaza. I went in completely blind. I’m not particularly knowledgeable about the movement, and I wanted to keep an open mind. I had heard a range of different things from the 99% quote (and many different organizations and parties poking fun at that quote) […]

New convention center. Not the time?

Nashville is currently engaged in a serious discussion over the future of the city’s prominence among national convention destinations.  At the center of the discussions is the proposed $585 million Music City Convention Center and the $200 – $300 million attached Headquarters Hotel.  The Convention Center will be built south of the Sommet Center and […]

Tax Day Tea Party: Pictures and thoughts

So many Nashville bloggers have their thoughts on this, the best synopsis being Bob Krumm’s, which I find to be the most accurate portrayal: a few nutjobs, lots of decent, hard-working Tennesseans who don’t like what their government is doing. I thought since most people have heard the story that I would just share a […]

Another brush with fame in Nashville

Last night, I met former Senator Bill Frist outside a restaurant here in Nashville. We were both with family celebrating our birthdays (his is apparently today). He was pretty nice and engaging, and the relaxedness of it made a typical Nashville/southern encounter. My brother was there and said he recognized Sen. Frist too, but he […]

TENNESSEE HOUSE: A Republican Speaker no more

The state’s first Republican Speaker of the House in four decades could only claim that title for less than a month; Kent Williams, the second-term representative elected Speaker by Democrats and himself, is no longer a member of the GOP.
Outside Tennessee, there was little coverage or knowledge of Williams’ surprise election last January. At the time, the president’s transition and inauguration dominated national headlines, so the goings-on in Nashville received only a cursory overview in the national media.