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Ford faces identity crisis in NY race

Former congressman Harold Ford Jr. of Tennessee has always had an issue with his conflicting image. During Ford’s unsuccessful run for the Senate in 2006, Time magazine ran a story portraying him as a unique democratic candidate whose moderate views could turn a red state blue during the peak of the Bush administration’s unpopularity. Alternatively, […]

Red Bull & Vodka really catches up with you: Sen. Max Baucus drunk on the senate floor?

So, we all enjoy a drunk person speaking in a hilariously inappropriate place. There are exceptions. Like, say, a U.S. Senator on the Senate floor the week the Senate votes on an eighty-story tall papermill of legislation that, frankly, nobody likes. Max Baucus everybody! “That’s just…bad,” as my brother said. Maybe it wasn’t alcohol, just…exhaustion […]

Another brush with fame in Nashville

Last night, I met former Senator Bill Frist outside a restaurant here in Nashville. We were both with family celebrating our birthdays (his is apparently today). He was pretty nice and engaging, and the relaxedness of it made a typical Nashville/southern encounter. My brother was there and said he recognized Sen. Frist too, but he […]

Kerry on tax cuts via Jim DeMint

I’ll file this under “reasons why I am glad George W. Bush won a second term.” Interestingly, this is from Sen. Jim DeMint’s YouTube channel. Are we seeing a new trend in politicians using social media to directly engage in arguments and conversation with and about their colleagues? I think it’s a great move for […]

Specter haunts GOP with stimulus support

The senior senator from Pennsylvania and perpetual gadfly of the GOP  has an annoyingly dull and unconvincing op-ed in the Washington Post today explaining his vote on the stimulus. The first sentence tells you all you need to know about his reasons, and it also shows some really flawed thinking about government action with regard […]