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TNCR Convention: Young Conservatives are reclaiming Tennessee

On Saturday, February 25th, over 100 College Republicans from across the state converged at the Capitol for the Tennessee College Republicans (TNCR) Convention—the same annual gathering which, just last year, was held in a science classroom with only 20 attendees. There was an undertone of hope and enthusiasm to everything that occurred that day, and […]

The Tennessean asks: Why do kids who are unprepared for college fail college?

Look, I know it is really easy to knock the Tennessean. Whether it’s liberal bias in the headlines, gimmicky features, or the simple lack of creative, engaging journalism, there’s something for everyone from Nashville’s favorite punching bag. Sometimes it’s deserved–see their recent coverage of Steve McNair’s murder–and sometimes it’s a knee-jerk reaction along the same […]

Tax Day Tea Party: Pictures and thoughts

So many Nashville bloggers have their thoughts on this, the best synopsis being Bob Krumm’s, which I find to be the most accurate portrayal: a few nutjobs, lots of decent, hard-working Tennesseans who don’t like what their government is doing. I thought since most people have heard the story that I would just share a […]

Start your morning right, with Links™!

Another day, another dollar. That phrase takes on an entirely different meaning when you are an unemployed college student.  David Rutz at InsideVandy.com has the story on Vanderbilt women’s basketball defeating No. 5 Kansas State yesterday. Over at the Weekly Standard, Stephen F. Hayes can’t get access to a government report on released Gitmo prisoners […]