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Specter haunts GOP with stimulus support

The senior senator from Pennsylvania and perpetual gadfly of the GOP  has an annoyingly dull and unconvincing op-ed in the Washington Post today explaining his vote on the stimulus. The first sentence tells you all you need to know about his reasons, and it also shows some really flawed thinking about government action with regard […]

More on endowment, VSG election results

InsideVandy.com has a couple new stories up on these issues. First, the endowment. Apparently, Provost Richard McCarty is claiming the Tennessean misquoted him in this story. McCarty’s calling it sensationalism and says the reporter, Jennifer Brooks, never identified herself as a reporter. Bad news for Brooks if it’s true, but I don’t see a retraction […]

Slow movement on endowment loss figures

Just got some word back from the administration on the endowment, an issue Katherine covered extensively yesterday (she even got a hefty mention/quote in the Tennessean). It’s not much, and it makes a bit concerned. First, the money quote from Zeppos’s e-mail to the Vanderbilt community yesterday. Emphasis mine: We are working daily to address, […]

Reform the economy? Give us a break!

So says John Stossel, who lays into PEBO for his recent alarmist comments on the economy. Stossel worries that history will repeat itself with Obama’s economic recovery plan as the soon-to-be-president characterizes this sad state of things as an opportunity to transform the very nature of the economy. So, they will “transform our economy.” Obama’s […]