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Geithner to reveal plan; angels, puppies weep; Founding Fathers simulate log roll in graves

Tim Geithner plans to knife that sad little bag of melancholy known as American capitalism this morning. Via the Washington Post: Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner plans to propose today a sweeping expansion of federal authority over the financial system, breaking from an era in which the government stood back from financial markets and allowed […]

Treasury Department just like "The Shining" — nobody's there

Captain Ed at Hot Air brilliantly illustrated the utter incompetence flailing about right now in the White House with the sad, horrifying state of the Treasury Department. So let’s play a game. Here are all the appointments in the Treasury that require Senate confirmation: Secretary Deputy Secretary Under Secretary — Domestic Finance Under Secretary — […]

The stimulus passed; JT and TI sing a farewell to capitalism (…well, kind of)

Well, it happened. Geithner’s announced a sketchy bank rescue plan and the Dow’s tumbled about 400 points. Newsweek says we’re all socialists now. A farewell to American capitalism for the moment? But like T.I. says, “Adversity builds character. Character will take you places money can’t.” 58 percent of Americans disapproved of how the GOP handled […]

GOP Guv'nors need money, too

One of our CN brethren, Patrick J. Ford of the GW Patriot, (partly) reposts this from Young Americans for Liberty: Palin. Jindal. Crist. Sanford. Pawlenty. Remember where these faux conservatives stood when it counted in 2012. Can the Jindal love finally end now? It can never end — never! When winter comes in summer, when […]