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Let's talk about Meghan McCain (…I know)

I couldn’t find a picture big enough where she’s wearing one of those twee little hats, so I settled for this. My Hustler column today is a traditional late summer derision, with cobbler, of Meghan McCain: The extent of her political comprehension rests on anecdotal experience and a set of sensory observations about the social […]

Vandy freshman supports concealed carry

From InsideVandy.com. Erik Soderstrom has a nice letter that dovetails with my Hustler editorial from last semester on the subject. Here’s Soderstrom: The recent gunpoint robbery of another Vanderbilt student highlights the failed logic of “gun-free” zones. The current campus-wide firearms ban doesn’t keep students safe. Instead, it needlessly puts us at greater risk of […]

Links are a blogger's best friend

I’m coming off a great weekend in DC preparing for my internship this summer. Here are some links for your post-Palm Sunday, first Monday in April morning. Keeping alive its independent and impartial streak, InsideVandy.com assures us that Vanderbilt Student Government is protecting our interests. President Obama is not too sure of all the nuances […]

Vandy students criticize honesty double standard for Senior Day speaker

InsideVandy.com and the Hustler report that some students are upset that Doris Kearns Goodwin, this year’s Nichols-Chancellor’s Medal recipient and Senior Day speaker, was twice accused of plagiarism. Here’s the money quote:  In 2002, Goodwin was accused of plagiarism in two news articles. Goodwin addressed the accusations in Time Magazine, asserting the errors were unintentional. Although […]

I link, therefore I am

Philosophy of the Internet age? Hope you were all sufficiently April fooled yesterday. Now we have to get back to the other boring 364 days of the year, when mean, cold-hearted pranks aren’t acceptable. Still, aren’t you a little worried one of my links might be a Rick Roll? Nashville liberal blogger Ilissa Gold sounds […]

Mayfield residents get no special treatment

The disgruntled students living at Highland Quad’s 20 Mayfield lodges won’t be getting any extra points for the housing lottery, according to the Hustler: Mayfield residents requested an extra 1/4 of a point in the next housing lottery as compensation for the blasting noises that occurred since the beginning of the academic year. VSG rejected […]

Monday morning links

Rise and shine, sleepy college students. Here are today’s links, a new feature here at Vandy Right. Click. Read/watch/listen. Be educated/entertained/confused. New York Post: Actor and noted liberal-turned-9/11-conservative Ron Silver died yesterday. Power Line: Tea Parties are popping up everywhere these days; this weekend, in Cincinnati. Breitbart.com: Journalism ain’t going anywhere, says one science author […]

Brooks: Scratch that, Obama rules

David Brooks, the New York Times’ idea of a sensible conservative voice, had a great op-ed (by his standards) Monday. It was unpredictably critical of Barack Obama, mainly for his administration’s massive spending. It looked as if Brooks couldn’t believe in the change.  Then he rolls out today’s op-ed, prostrating himself before the Almighty Obama by letting […]