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VSG stands for students, freedom on smoking ban

I was glad to see this story on Inside Vandy about Vanderbilt Student Government’s stand against a smoking ban on campus: The Vanderbilt Student Government Senate unanimously passed a resolution regarding smoking regulations on campus Wednesday night in response to recent actions taken to make Vanderbilt smoke free. Executive Adviser Theo Samets, along with Senator […]

Links are a blogger's best friend

I’m coming off a great weekend in DC preparing for my internship this summer. Here are some links for your post-Palm Sunday, first Monday in April morning. Keeping alive its independent and impartial streak, InsideVandy.com assures us that Vanderbilt Student Government is protecting our interests. President Obama is not too sure of all the nuances […]

Studying stinks, here's Thursday's links

I’ve been up the last several nights studying for the mother of all midterms today. Wish me luck, then check out these links. Then wish me more luck. InsideVandy.com reports on last night’s Vanderbilt Student Government transfer of power. George Leef at NRO’s Phi Beta Cons blog says there’s an imbalance between research and teaching […]

Late night thought

As I thankfully say goodbye to the midterm two weeks of hell and brace myself for what’s to come at CPAC this weekend, I read the e-mail outgoing VSG president Joseph Williams sent to the undergraduate student body. His subject line: “LAST CHANCE TO VOTE IN VSG ELECTIONS” How I read it: “LAST TIME WE […]

More on endowment, VSG election results

InsideVandy.com has a couple new stories up on these issues. First, the endowment. Apparently, Provost Richard McCarty is claiming the Tennessean misquoted him in this story. McCarty’s calling it sensationalism and says the reporter, Jennifer Brooks, never identified herself as a reporter. Bad news for Brooks if it’s true, but I don’t see a retraction […]

VSG election: Wyatt wins

I was late following this up since I was in class all afternoon. The results are in at InsideVandy.com, and as I predicted yesterday, Wyatt and Lori win. By a landslide. After getting 62.6 percent of the total votes, Wyatt Smith and Lori Murphy have been elected Vanderbilt Student Government president and vice president for […]

VSG Election: Vote for more Free Stuff® or TGIFriday's

It’s an election that wouldn’t exactly please Brian Williams, but it will have to do. Today, thousands (maybe hundreds) of Vanderbilt undergrads make their pick for Vanderbilt Student Government president and vice president. Elections like these always include ubiquitous campaign banners and candidates claiming they can solve all of our problems, which is more than […]

VSG Election: Lessons in Futility

Just when you thought they were all over (charter referenda notwithstanding), the campaign season’s gotten underway again. Vanderbilt Student Government elections for president and vice president are underway, as evidenced by the annoyingly large signs that confront anyone walking to class. Stay tuned for more details as the election toils on.