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‘Muslims in the Military’ creates controversy

Professor Awadh Amir Binhazim, the Vanderbilt Muslim Chaplain, recently caused controversy with some of his remarks at “Common Ground: Being Muslim in the Military” on January 25th. Professor Binhazim’s response to whether as a practicing Muslim he must accept the Islamic teaching which condemns homosexuals to death was, “I don’t have a choice as a […]

Law professor helps CR’s kick-off

January 27 marked another successful event for the revamped Vanderbilt chapter of the College Republicans. The group invited prominent conservative commentator, author, and Vanderbilt law professor Dr. Carol Swain to address the group on issues pertaining to the future of the GOP and its need to reach out to racial minorities in order to ensure […]

Vandy mobilizes for Haiti

Maybe fratstars lack George Clooney’s telethon appeal, but Vanderbilt students are raising money and goods for the people of Haiti. Students have probably noticed the giant red cross with messages spelled out in duct tape like, “Hank 4 Haiti,” “VOB hearts Haiti,” and perhaps the most poignant, “We are all Haitians.”  All across campus, student […]

VSG stands for students, freedom on smoking ban

I was glad to see this story on Inside Vandy about Vanderbilt Student Government’s stand against a smoking ban on campus: The Vanderbilt Student Government Senate unanimously passed a resolution regarding smoking regulations on campus Wednesday night in response to recent actions taken to make Vanderbilt smoke free. Executive Adviser Theo Samets, along with Senator […]

The Tennessean asks: Why do kids who are unprepared for college fail college?

Look, I know it is really easy to knock the Tennessean. Whether it’s liberal bias in the headlines, gimmicky features, or the simple lack of creative, engaging journalism, there’s something for everyone from Nashville’s favorite punching bag. Sometimes it’s deserved–see their recent coverage of Steve McNair’s murder–and sometimes it’s a knee-jerk reaction along the same […]

Incoming frosh bashes Vandy football

What gives? From a high school graduation story at the St. Augustine Record: …Salutatorian Laura Albert emphasized graduates cherishing the day. Albert is headed to Vanderbilt University, where she is preparing for a football let down after her years at Nease [High School]. “I’m so used to the score being 49-0,” Albert said. “But going […]