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An Incomer’s Guide to Vandy Lingo

Branscomb – Upperclass dorms on Greek row; consists of Lupton, Vaughn, Stapleton, and Scales. Vanderbilt’s party dorm. Highland – Upperclass housing by the Rec center; consists of Morgan, Lewis, Mayfields, and Chaffins. On the Card – Restaurants and services (both on and off campus) that take Meal Money. Unfortunately does not include Lacoste. The Wall […]

Welcome to the Jungle: A Manual to Navigating the College Political Environment

To everybody in the incoming freshman class—welcome to Vanderbilt! You’ve made it, you’ve done it—you’ve taken all the tests, you’ve done your time in sweat and effort, and now you’re about to embark on what will in some ways be the biggest adventure of your young adult lives. There will be trials and tribulations; you […]

The End and the Means: Thinking About HB 1150 and the Nondiscrimination Policy

As of Monday, March 25, Tennessee State Representative Mark Pody has decided to drop a controversial bill relating to Vanderbilt University’s recently instituted nondiscrimination policy. The bill (HB 1150/SB 1241), which would have rendered Vanderbilt’s police force unable to legally make arrests or otherwise carry out its regular duties, is only the latest of several […]

Vanderbilt’s Lose-Lose Situation with Chick-fil-A, And a Way Out

When Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy publicly proclaimed his and his family’s opposition to the legalization of same-sex marriage, it ignited a firestorm nationwide. His announcement, which technically only espoused his personal views, was taken as extending to his family-run business, sparking protests, boycotts, and even politicians from major cities threatening to use zoning laws to […]

#WeAreVanderbiltToo (Round 2) Events

The white crosses are back. As the Board of Trust meets again this week, the religious organizations of Vanderbilt Solidarity—along with Vanderbilt Catholic and the Thomas More Society—have made plans to make their voices heard. These thirteen student organizations have open acknowledged that they anticipate being considered unregistered organizations in the fall. The Board of […]

Push Off Campus

Next year, the luxurious Kissam Quad is finally being torn down. The new housing project is actually beautiful (they displayed the plans at the beginning of the year in Sarratt), but this means that there will be a lot less room on campus for students. In the past Vanderbilt has pressured students to live on […]

Nashville Unoccupied

Yesterday, I ventured downtown to the Occupy Nashville protest in Legislative Plaza. I went in completely blind. I’m not particularly knowledgeable about the movement, and I wanted to keep an open mind. I had heard a range of different things from the 99% quote (and many different organizations and parties poking fun at that quote) […]