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JOB MARKET BLUES: Will grad school give you an edge?

It’s that time of year again, and after all of the networking, interviews, and e-mails from Career Center clusters, students are beginning to wonder if all of their efforts will actually yield any results this year. It is no secret that the current economic situation has left the job market in shambles, leaving fewer opportunities available for college students. Many undergraduate and graduate students here at Vanderbilt are panicking about their next step, whether they are looking into internships for next summer or looking for secure job after they graduate.

TENNESSEE HOUSE: A Republican Speaker no more

The state’s first Republican Speaker of the House in four decades could only claim that title for less than a month; Kent Williams, the second-term representative elected Speaker by Democrats and himself, is no longer a member of the GOP.
Outside Tennessee, there was little coverage or knowledge of Williams’ surprise election last January. At the time, the president’s transition and inauguration dominated national headlines, so the goings-on in Nashville received only a cursory overview in the national media.

KNOCKED UP: Funding for pregnant students

The mission statement of Finished Up is, “to provide avenues for single mothers so that they may complete their undergraduate and graduate careers.” Finished Up is an organization that provides resources for housing, medical needs, childcare and counseling for single mothers still in college. The organization was founded at Vanderbilt University by Mary Cady Ford in the fall of 2007. Ford, a Vanderbilt student who graduated in 2005 went through the experience of becoming pregnant and having a child while in college.

What the FOCA, Obama?

In 1973, the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision created an uproar of controversy regarding the ever-debated issue of abortion. Since then, many laws have been passed concerning the issue, and it remains a controversial element of social politics. While in the Senate, President Barack Obama developed a very strong pro-choice voting record, and while campaigning for the presidency, he reiterated his strong support for a woman’s right to choose.

Vanderbilt’s online music ruckus

On Friday, February 6, Vanderbilt students attempting to log onto their Ruckus accounts were met with the death message: “Unfortunately the Ruckus Service Will No Longer Be Provided. Thanks.” The closing occurred so fast that many universities were not even notified. As this publication was going to press, Vanderbilt ITS and the Vanderbilt Hustler have yet to even comment on the shutdown.

Friday the 13th: Nightmare in D.C.

Have you ever turned in a paper without proofreading it? There is always a little uncertainty… like you might have missed something big, or maybe left in a few unfinished sentences or half completed paragraphs. But it couldn’t be that bad, right? The professor will still understand what you mean. After all, you did turn in something.
Congress feels the same way, apparently. On Friday, February 13, the House of Representatives passed, by a margin of 246-183, a $787 billion economic stimulus package totaling almost 1,100 pages. Soon after, the Senate passed the same bill 60 votes to 38. Due to the time frame of the legislation, not a single member of Congress could have possibly read it in full.

VanDiversity: Through the Walls

As part of Vanderbilt’s “VanDiversity Week,” the Rhythm & Roots Performance Company presented Through the Walls on February 7th and 8th in Langford Auditorium.The performance, through film clips, dances, and acts, tells the story of African Americans from the slave trade to the election of President Obama. Specifically, the performance weaves the historical narrative with a fictional conflict in the community over whether to preserve a historic building in place of a shopping mall. Ultimately, the building is spared since the community embraces its historical importance. The controversy over the building conveys the main theme of the performance—the importance of remembering and understanding one’s history and heritage.

Consumer Report: How does a Varsity Market compare with CVS?

Among Vanderbilt students exists the widespread belief that the goods in the Varsity Markets around campus are priced higher than the exact same items sold at independent retail stores off campus. The belief is so prevalent that I recall during freshmen orientation a Dining representative acknowledging the very same products sold at Varsity Markets could be found at supermarkets for lower prices. The representative then went on to claim that compared to comparable retail outlets and convenience stores, the pricing is practically the same, arguing that the pricing was due to the size of the markets.