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Happy Thanksgiving!

Heading off to Belfast on this, one of my favorite holidays. Our study abroad program is planning a nice dinner for us tonight, but it won’t be the same without some of those standard Thanksgiving foods…like fried turkey! Also, while the company will be great, I miss spending this Thanksgiving with friends and family. I’ll […]

End of the week update

This week was pretty busy, with classes and tutorial registration and ending with final registration today. I’m happy the weekend is here, especially since I’ll be going on an overnight trip to the Aran Islands. Once again, I’ll have plenty of pictures. Here, once again, is another video to show you what I’ll be seeing […]

I link, therefore I am

Philosophy of the Internet age? Hope you were all sufficiently April fooled yesterday. Now we have to get back to the other boring 364 days of the year, when mean, cold-hearted pranks aren’t acceptable. Still, aren’t you a little worried one of my links might be a Rick Roll? Nashville liberal blogger Ilissa Gold sounds […]

Joe Biden is super serial, you guys

Michelle Malkin has the audio and the transcript of Mean Joe Biden making the case that county and city officials better spend their stimulus money right. JIM LEHRER: Vice President Biden had a new warning for city and county officials today: spend the federal stimulus money wisely. The officials were in Washington for a day […]

Video: Breitbart on Real Time with Bill Maher

Andrew Breitbart, the proprieter of Big Hollywood (UPDATE: They’ve got the video up there, too), Breitbart.com and one of my favorite conservative commentators, appeared on HBO’s Real Time w/Bill Maher last night, sitting on a “panel” with noted black liberal Michael Eric Dyson. Real Time’s audience is a lot like Jon Stewart’s; already on the […]